Doing Business Responsibly

Our Health & Safety framework and supply chain management supports our commitment to ensuring the highest standards of ethics, safety and conduct across our Group. 

Our commitments
Partnering with our suppliers

To build a resilient, sustainable and ethical supply chain

Managing our supply chain is key to our broader social and environmental impact, and a major part of our strategy and commercial proposition. 

Strong partnerships with suppliers help us to consistently deliver value and make a difference to our customers, our colleagues, and our communities. We require our supply chain to be ethical and we want to work with suppliers who have similar aims. Together, we can achieve our collective social and environmental goals 

Key suppliers are identified by our businesses and must, in aggregate, account for 50% of the Group's supplier spend. They may also include any supplier that is a high-volume or high-spend supplier, a critical component supplier or a non-substitutional supplier.

Our Supplier Code asks them to commit to conducting their business according to high ethical, professional and legal standards, including those relating to human rights, labour laws, anti-bribery and corruption and international trade laws and sanctions. We also ask our suppliers to work with us to reduce waste and emissions within our value chain. 

Supply Chain highlights

FY30 Target

85 %

Key suppliers signed up to supplier code

Key suppliers aligned to our code

73 %


Number of key suppliers


We are working with our suppliers to tackle climate change, and reduce our own impact through more sustainable packaging, logistics and products. 

We hold workshops across our businesses to help develop connections, share best practice and build understanding of the impact of our supply chain management on our emissions. Group businesses monitor and carry out due diligence of suppliers through questionnaires, audits and visits, including monitoring human rights within our supply chain. 

We have a zero-tolerance approach to slavery in all its forms, including human trafficking, forced labour and child labour.

Our ongoing focus
  • Continue to align key suppliers with Group Supplier Code
  • Align Supply Chain policy and processes with net zero targets 
  • Build understanding of supplier emissions
Ensuring safety

Our vision is that no one is harmed at work. Keeping our colleagues healthy, safe and well is a prerequisite to doing business.

Our duty of care extends to any person who is working remotely, working at, or visiting a Diploma business. We work hard to ensure their health and safety through a strong Health & Safety culture, standards, governance and reporting.

Our values of continuous improvement, accountability and respect shape how we manage Health & Safety, and we encourage all our businesses to contribute to our strong Health & Safety culture.

Our 'Stand up for Safety' framework ensures a consistent approach to Health and Safety across all businesses within the Group and is supported by training, masterclasses, and external audits.

Health and Safety highlights

FY30 Target


We have set a zero harm target

Lost Time Incident Rate



Year on Year reduction in LTI rate

10 %

We expect all businesses to comply with our Group Health & Safety Policy, standards and requirements. In line with our decentralised structure, each business is responsible for developing and implementing additional procedures and frameworks. 

Our ongoing focus:
  • Build positive mental health and wellbeing 
  • Continuous improvement and focus on Health & Safety culture 
  • Embedding our 'Stand up for Safety' framework
Our Focus Areas

Doing Business Responsibly

Ensuring the highest standards of ethics, safety and conduct across our Group

Our People

We are building an engaged and diverse workforce, who can reach their full potential as part of Diploma

Our Environment

We are delivering against our net zero ambitions and positioning the Group to contribute positively to a low-carbon economy