Our purpose

Our purpose informs our decision-making and supports the execution of our strategy.

Our purpose is to innovate, create and deliver value-add solutions for a better future.

As a decentralised and diversified Group, a strong purpose ensures that every colleague and every business is aligned. Our businesses work across a broad range of end markets, innovating and creating solutions that support their customers’ growth and help them achieve their future ambitions.

Our values

Our decentralised model means that each of our businesses has its own unique culture and values.

However, our Group values reflect the shared beliefs and behaviours of our Group. They are a set of guiding principles that set the tone for our culture and pinpoint what we care about.


We are driven to add value and help our customers grow.

Do the right thing

We are ambitious about delivering value responsibly.


We are all empowered to succeed.

Grow together

We collaborate to create success and opportunity.

Down to earth

We’re low on ego – our performance speaks for itself.

Our culture

Our culture is a commercial and strategic advantage and a reflection of our decentralised model.

It means that every Diploma business has its own, unique identity and culture that support the agility, accountability and close customer relationships that are critical to our success. At the same time, we all feel a sense of belonging and allegiance, which is supported by our shared values and culture, brilliant leadership teams, and intercompany networks and sharing.

Our people

Our colleagues are the reason for our success. Engaging, developing and supporting them is essential to achieving our purpose.

As part of a decentralised Group, our colleagues can exercise personal accountability in an entrepreneurial and agile environment whilst also benefiting from the support, development opportunities and shared experiences that come with being part of a wider Group.

We’re incredibly proud of our brilliant leadership teams, strong Group culture and inclusive working environments that allow each of our colleagues to have their career, their way as part of Diploma. The fact that so many of business owners remain with the Group post-acquisition is a testament to that.