Our strategy is to build high-quality, scalable businesses for sustainable organic growth

We have a powerful decentralised, value-add model with massive potential for growth. We drive revenue diversification in three buckets: end markets, geographic penetration and product extension. All of our businesses have fantastic organic growth opportunities across these three buckets.

This ensures sustainable growth and allows us to grow organically, build scale and increase resilience. Our organic growth strategy is complemented by bolt-on acquisitions that accelerate organic growth. Building effective scale as we grow is key to our strategy. We develop our businesses to be better, not just bigger, in order to sustain long-term delivery of our model.


Our sustainable growth strategy is focused on three buckets of revenue diversification with complementary acquisitions to drive future organic growth.

Three buckets of organic revenue diversification
End markets

Greater exposure to structurally growing end markets

Geographic penetration

Geographic penetration of core developed markets

Product extension

Product range extension to grow our addressable markets

Complementary acquisitions to drive future organic growth

We complement our organic growth strategy with bolt-on acquisitions that accelerate organic growth at great returns.

We acquire businesses that meet our strategic and financial objectives and share core characteristics: a value-add proposition, strong organic growth and potential for scale, financial discipline and strong management teams.

We have a strong track record of successful acquisitions and a healthy pipeline.


Our businesses and the Group are on a journey to scale.

As part of their scaling journey each of our businesses designs their target operating model, the processes and core competencies that underpin it, and the capability – talent, technology and facility – required to deliver.

The Group is on a journey to scale too. We are focused on building the right structure, capability and culture to sustain delivery and complement our decentralised culture.

Delivering value responsibly

As well as positioning ourselves for growth, we want to make a positive impact on society and the environment.


By aligning our businesses with our focus areas and positioning ourselves for commercial growth with a positive impact on society and the environment, we can play a meaningful role in building a more sustainable world.

Read our Sustainability Report

Our financial model

Successful delivery of our financial model reflects how we are performing against our strategic objectives. It’s how we know we are delivering for all our stakeholders.