What we do

Our decentralised model empowers our businesses to work alongside their customers to deliver practical and innovative solutions that keep key industries moving. By focusing on value-add solutions, not just products, we are an essential partner to our customers.

Delivering Value-Add

Learn what value-add looks like in each of our businesses

Delivering solutions across our three sectors

Our Controls businesses deliver wire & cabling, interconnect, specialty fasteners, adhesive and industrial automation solutions for a range of technically demanding applications. Their solutions support aerospace and defence markets, key infrastructure, advances in medical devices and first-responder communications.


Our Seals businesses supply sealing solutions and fluid power products to support aftermarket repairs, OEM partners and maintenance, repair and overhaul projects. Whether machining parts for emergency repairs, working with customers to specify material compounds and design, or preventing fugitive emissions or fluid leaks, our Seals Sector solutions have mission-critical applications.

Life Sciences

Our Life Sciences businesses supply and service equipment, consumables and instrumentation for life-saving surgeries, early diagnosis of fatal diseases, critical care support and better access for underserved communities. They work side-by-side with surgeons, pathologists, laboratory scientists and other healthcare professionals to navigate a complex regulatory environment and to deliver the innovative, market-leading solutions their customers need.

At a glance

FY23 Revenue

£ 1.2 bn

2022: £1bn

International operations in

15 countries

Across North America, Europe, Australasia


3,000 +

Group engagement index of 79%

Why we do it

Driven by our purpose to create, innovate and deliver value-add solutions for a better future, we help our colleagues and customers grow and achieve their future ambitions.

Each of our businesses has its own, unique culture. High engagement, strong values and great communication unites the Group and keep us all aligned to our purpose.

Johnny Thomson